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1. Clear Scan with 5 scanning modes

With Kaagaz Scanner you have five different scanning modes - Magic Color 1, Magic Color 2, Black & White, Gray Mode and Original

A person shows how easy it is to store, organize & find documents & information with Sorted AI.

2. Scan fast with auto edge detection

The app auto detects corners of the scanned page reducing your time to scan the document

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3. Easy share PDF or JPG Documents

With Kaagaz Scanner you can easily share the scanned document as PDF or JPG via email, Whatsapp or various other mediums.

A person getting worried with a lot of notifications. Sorted AI manages it for the users.

4. Truly Indian Scanning App

The scanner is available in 8 languages - Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada

A person taking notes. It is very easy to take notes with Sorted AI.

5. Safe & Secure Scanner

Keep your documents safe and secure with your original phone lock or a separate app lock on the app.

Safe and Secure storage of all the documents and information through 256-bit encryption
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