What are we building?

We are building mobile-first office suite that helps users make their lives easier & better. We are a super small (12 member) team of engineers & builders who have a vision to build a great product from India for the world.

Who are we building it for?

We are building these tools for the 'Bharat' user - a user whose primary gateway to a digital life is their mobile phone. 80% of Indian internet users are 'Bharat' users! The desktop/laptop generation had tons of tools that would help them in their digital life but there aren’t many built truly for the 'mobile only' generation. We are building for them.

What have we built so far?

We have so far built 2 apps and a lot more to go 😄

Kaagaz Scanner is a document scanning & storage solution that has got a whole lot of love from the ‘Bharat’ users and is used by more than 30 Lakh+ people on a monthly basis.

Posters App by Kaagaz is where users can create daily posters for marketing, promotion or branding in just seconds. Feels unreal, right? Check out the app to know more!

Who are we?

We are a super lean and efficient team of 12 people, primarily from small towns in India, but based in Gurgaon. Each of us comes from diverse educational and geographical backgrounds, making our team truly unique and well-equipped to build for Bharat.

Leading this amazing team are three founders – Snehanshu Gandhi, Gaurav Shrishrimal, and Tamanjit Bindra. This is our second startup together as a team – crazy enough to be willing to go through the grind again, yet wise enough to understand that it's all about having a great team and an obsession with building something that people want.

Who are we looking for?

When you are growing at Rocket speed, you need people who can control rockets and are mad enough to ride one. If the idea of building next generation utility tools for 100 Crore+ Bharat users excites you, write to us at hello@kaagaz.app.

Currently we are hiring for https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/kaagaz/jobs

Please apply on the link mentioned above or you can email us on work@kaagaz.app

Download Kaagaz Now

Document Scanner, PDF Reader, PDF Editor, Document Manager & Cloud Storage all rolled into one.