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Snehanshu Gandhi

Kaagaz is the brainchild of Snehanshu. Currently he leads Strategy & Product for Kaagaz. He graduated from IIT Bombay and worked as a strategy consultant at INI Consulting. After his stint as a consultant he went for an MBA at ISB Hyderabad. On completion of his MBA, he went to Jakarta to work with COO of Goodhope Asia to improve the operational capabilities of the company’s 100k hectare palm oil business. After a 3 year stint at Jakarta, he came back to India to start Tapp Me with Gaurav.

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Gaurav Shrishrimal

Gaurav looks after Marketing & Growth at Kaagaz. Coming from a traditional business family, Gaurav has a knack to solve problems and make lives easier and better. While at IIT Kanpur, he maintained a great balance between academics, organizing events and music. After graduating he went on to work for Credit Suisse as an analyst in the Prime Services division (Investment Banking). After his stint of more than a year at Credit Suisse he joined hands with Snehanshu to start Tapp Me.

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Tamanjit Bindra

Taman is behind all the technology at Kaagaz. Being an Army brat, who had to move every couple of years to a new town, Taman understands the relationship between new beginnings and documents. He has spent more than a decade coding internet products. He is a graduate of Army Institute of Technology (Pune). Post his Engineering degree he worked for 3 years at Dell-Perot. After a sabbatical wherein he wanted to discover himself more, he went on to work for 3 years at MagicBricks. Here he worked closely on a lot of NLP and search, acquiring a knack for it. He joined, a high traffic Hindi content aggregator, going on to head its Tech team. Here he was able to continue with his dabblings in NLP. He worked at for almost 2 years, before joining Snehanshu and Gaurav as the first employee and chief coder at Tapp Me.

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