To become a $5 Trillion (Rs. 408902500000000) economy, India needs participation from every countrymen. And the major role towards this would be played by upcoming entrepreneurs and small businesses. The usual door to door marketing works but online marketing can take you to the next level - because online is easily scalable.

Whether you are a legacy business or just starting up, social media presence & online marketing can get you customers for free - if you just play the game well 🙂

Here are 5 Social Media Apps, to start with just pick one - build your brand on that one social platform and then move on to others -

1. Facebook - How to market on the largest Social Media App?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and also in India. There are multiple avenues on Facebook where you can connect with your customers & potential new customers. To start with you can make a page of your brand and post regular updates. Additionally you can form a community (group) and interact with your customers there. Best example on how to build a great community and then a business - check out the FITTR App.

2. Instagram - How to use images & reels to build your brand?

Since COVID, Instagram has picked up very fast as a social media. People love to show there life on Instagram - tell about their recent travel/adventure, tips on how to dress up, tips on how to get more productive & so much more. And after the launch of Reels - the usage has increased several folds. If you can make interesting reels related to your brand there are high chances to go viral & get free publicity for your brand. An Indian company called Droom has leveraged this beautifully.

3. Twitter - Short & quirky content can get you eyeballs on Twitter!

Twitter has the power to disseminate information at speed of light. Any new event, news, announcement - first gets on Twitter & then is circulated everywhere in form of screenshots. Best way to publicize on Twitter is to leverage a trending topic & post something quirky or interesting around that topic. To learn more about Twitter marketing - check out the handle of Zomato.

4. Sharechat - Best social platform to reach Bharat Users!

Sharechat was launched in 2015 & with it’s products Sharechat & Moj, now 2 out of 5 Indians use Sharechat on a monthly basis. Direct share on whatsapp gave Sharechat the viral growth among Indian users. The social algorithm of Sharechat is very similar to Twitter where if you can post anything interesting on a trending topic then there are high chances of you to go viral. We at Kaagaz Scanner have tried to build a following on Sharechat - have a look.

5. Koo - A desi competitor to Twitter!

Koo is a new social media platform being built in India as a competitor to Twitter. It is coming up to be a great medium for a brand to build it’s own page, share updates & build a community on a desi platform.

To conclude, you can use these 5 platforms to build a following for your brand and share news & updates. Our suggestion would be, that you should pick one platform which works well for your brand and keep building it - till it reaches a certain level. Happy building, Happy growing :)

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