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Every mobile app marketer might be acquainted with the term "SDK" in product-related interactions. But how many have asked: "What does SDK mean, its benefits, and why do we use them?". If questions like these arise in your mind, this post comes armed with some informational answers for you!

SDK stands for a software development kit or short devkit. It is a collection of software development tools and programs used to build apps for particular platforms. SDK tools include libraries, documentation, code samples, procedures, and manuals that developers may utilize and incorporate into their applications.

So, what exactly is the Kaagaz SDK? Simply put, the Kaagaz document scanning SDK allows you to integrate scanning functionality in your apps and provide a seamless experience for your users. The Kaagaz document scanning SDK enables you to capture crisp document scans with your app. If you are a developer, you surely understand the basics of a good SDK, and Kaagaz’s surely checks all the boxes.

Benefits of Kaagaz Scanner SDK

You can leverage the Kaagaz SDK to build a robust scanning experience in your app and create a high-quality experience for your users. Whether you are a regular/everyday user, a corporate user, or someone who simply wants to provide an on-the-go comprehensive scanning solution to your employees, the Kaagaz SDK can help you in bridging this functionality gap in your app. Here are some of the benefits that the Kaagaz SDK provides:

1. Real-time Document Detection
The Kaagaz SDK is super-fast and detects all the documents in real-time. There is no need to upload anything to servers and all the scanning and data-retrieval happens locally on the device itself. Moreover, the SDK also enables offline document scanning and does not require an active internet connection.

2. Document Flattening & Crease Removal
The Kaagaz SDK intelligently deciphers when the document is raised against the surface or has an uneven raised surface and its intelligent algorithms can automatically flatten the surface in the scanned file. This enhances the legibility of the scanned document and beautifully mimics the capabilities of a physical scanner. Moreover, even if the target document has creases or folds, the Kaagaz SDK can rectify these automatically in the scanned file.

3. Distortion correction
Kaagaz SDK’s distortion correction feature enables the correction of distortion or noise in scanned documents. Whether it’s the document’s curvature or the capture perspective, the SDK can automatically correct the distortion in any of the scanned apps. Even if the document is scanned at a peculiar angle, this feature will correct the document’s orientation.

4. Auto-edge Detection
The Kaagaz SDK has intelligent edge-detection capabilities that automatically detect the edges of the document and smartly leave the background out of the scanned file. This provides a professional touch to the documents. This feat is achieved by analyzing the brightness dissimilarities between the document & its background.

5. Document Legibility Enhancement
Even if the document to be scanned isn’t clear or has some imperfections such as shadows, artifacts, or even improper backgrounds, Kaagaz SDK’s proprietary filters clean up the imperfections and enhance the document’s legibility. This feature also enables edge enhancements of the scanned documents and allows for better post-processing and a highly legible PDF scan file.

Ability to Create Multi-page PDFs
Creating multi-page scanned PDF files is made easy using the Kaagaz SDK. You can easily scan multi-page documents using the SDK and collate them into a single, highly legible, and crystal clear multi-page PDF file. The final output is high-quality and easily shareable.

Kaagaz: The Ultimate CamScanner Alternative

Kaagaz is a privacy-friendly, and feature-rich alternative to CamScanner. It is free to use and entirely offline, making it simple to scan documents while ensuring the protection of all your scanned documents. Kaagaz is an excellent document scanning application and has all the essential features of a fully capable document scanning app.

The app makes it simple and hassle-free to scan coursework, notes, bills, books, or any content effortlessly. Even if you are scanning documents in the dark, the Kaagaz app has inbuilt functionality to leverage your camera’s flash and enable seamless scanning in dark environments.

Additional features include auto-cropping, contrast settings, brightness controls, etc. which further enhance the quality of every scanned document churned out using the Kaagaz app. You can also save your scans in multiple formats: PDF or JPG.

Corporate or business users will be delighted by the fact that Kaagaz functions completely offline which ensures a high degree of content privacy. Here are some of the salient features of the Kaagaz App:

- No sign-up/sign-in is required for using the app. Simply download, scan, save and share!
- Absolutely no ads anywhere in the app.
- Availability in 12 languages (Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Malayalam, Bengali, Hinglish, Punjabi, Odia & Tamil.
- Access to PDF processing tools such as PDF Compress, image to PDF converter, document password remover, etc.

How to get the Kaagaz API/SDK?

Getting access to the Kaagaz SDK for integrating the scanning capabilities in your app is relatively straightforward. Just send an email to with your details and we will get back to you!


Kaagaz is an entirely free-to-use document scanning app that is devoid of any ads or app watermarks. A modern document scanning app needs to do much more than simply scan documents and must have robust and bug-free backend architecture, all of which is easily enabled by leveraging the advanced Kaagaz SDK. As it must be evident by the long list of features of this cutting-edge document scanning SDK, you can easily create a high-quality document scanning app that comes with all the advanced features & functionalities.

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