How to get a CamScanner SDK or CamScanner API?

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Document scanning technology has grown leaps and bounds. Enterprises are increasingly relying on soft copies of documents, and this has clear indications of where our world is headed: a paper-free future. Enterprises have traditionally relied on hard copies for documents, but with the growing environmental implications and the added cost involved, digital document scanning is rapidly picking up pace.

We now have a plethora of document scanning services to choose from, and some are better than the rest. The Kaagaz app is a cutting-edge, privacy-friendly, and completely free document scanning app that comes bundled with all the advanced features of an advanced document scanning app. So, if you are someone who landed on this post looking for the CamScanner SDK or API, we have an amazing alternative for you!

This post discusses everything you need to know about the Kaagaz SDK and the features it can unlock by simply integrating it within your consumer-facing or commercial app.

Features Unlocked by the Latest Kaagaz SDK

The Kaagaz SDK can be seamlessly integrated into any consumer-facing or commercial application. For instance, if you operate an insurance/health app, you can integrate the Kaagaz SDK to unlock seamless scanning and PDF creation in your app.

The Kaagaz SDK can be leveraged to unlock cutting-edge document scanning capabilities and the host of available features can serve almost all use scanning use cases. Here are some of the best features unlocked by the Kaagaz SDK.

1. Auto-edge Detection
The Kaagaz SDK enables intelligent edge detection that automatically detects the edges of the document and smartly leaves the background out of the scanned file. This provides a professional touch to the documents and is achieved by analyzing the brightness dissimilarities between the document & its background.

2. Distortion Correction
Unique use cases might differ, which might lead to a loss in the quality of the scanned files. The Kaagaz SDK bridges this gap by applying filters to the digital file and increasing the legibility exponentially. It can also detect and rectify scan curvatures to create beautiful final output results.

3. Document Flattenning & Crease Removal
The Kaagaz SDK understands when the document is raised against the surface or has an uneven raised surface, its intelligent algorithms can automatically flatten the surface in the scanned file. This improves the legibility of the scanned document and craftily mimics the capabilities of a physical scanner. Moreover, even if the target document has creases or folds, the Kaagaz SDK can rectify these automatically in the scanned file.

4. Ability to create multiple-page PDF files
Even if the target document is multi-page, the Kaagaz SDK enables you to create an exact scanned copy of the document that is structured chronologically, while ensuring that the entire textual content remains searchable. Users can also easily share the final output.

5. Real-time Document Scanning
Kaagaz SDK enables document scanning in real-time. It enables all the data processing locally and does not require an active internet connection before, during, or even after the scan. Moreover, the SDK does not include any Ad platform or network, and all the SDK integrations are natively Ad-free.

6. Ready to Use UI Components
Users can also access ready-to-use UI components that enable quick integrations without requiring further designing or creation of unique UI elements. This enables quick solution deployment and ease of SDK integration.

7. Multiple Format Support
The Kaagaz SDK isn’t just limited to creating a PDF document; but rather, users are at the liberty of exporting the document in JPG format as well. This enhanced flexibility covers diverse uses that users might have in the real world.

Why You Need the Kaagaz API/SDK?

Although CamScanner emerged as an innovative solution, the data privacy issues surrounding the solution marred its chances of making a big impact. However, with solutions like Kaagaz SDK quickly gaining popularity, developers are looking for innovative ways to integrate rich functionality into their apps.

Everybody loves privacy-centric solutions, especially where the key component is sensitive user data and the Kaagaz SDK enables the development of privacy-friendly solutions as far as the document scanning capabilities are concerned. Here are some use cases of the Kaagaz API/SDK:

- Building consumer-facing scanning apps.
- Creating robust, quick, and custom solutions for the transport industry.
- Creating QR and barcode scanners for deployment in the retail or eCommerce space.
- Solutions for automatic digital repository building for crucial documents for industries such as insurance, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

Steps to get the Kaagaz API/SDK

Obtaining the Kaagaz SDK is relatively straightforward. If you want to integrate the SDK in your app, just send an email to with your details and we will get back to you!

What Makes Kaagaz a Better Alternative?

Kaagaz Scanner is a mobile-first document scanning solution that distinguishes itself meticulously from the rest of the pack. Compared with competing solutions, one of Kaagaz's major differentiators is the simplicity of its user interface and user experience. Kaagaz doesn't have any advertising & watermarks and this is a significant advantage that users enjoy.

Kaagaz is an offline app by default and requires absolutely no logins from users. This makes it extremely simple to use, and at the same time, enhances the security of scanned documents as everything is stored locally. Users have full control over the security of their scanned documents since everything stays locally on the device itself. If you were looking for a privacy-focused & feature-rich document scanning solution to integrate into your app, this is it!


Now you know everything about getting your hands on a cutting-edge document scanning SDK and building a reliable solution for diversified use cases. In this era of technological revolution, having cutting-edge solutions that prioritize user-data privacy can seem to be a tough ask. With the Kaagaz SDK, you get a privacy-centric solution that is replete with features. Apply for the Kaagaz SDK and integrate cutting-edge document scanning capabilities in your app today!

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