As the nation takes giant technological strides, digital literacy has seen a significant boom. As the government and private sector adapt to digitization, organizations expect employees and customers to submit documents in portable document format (PDF). These are useful when you need to ensure that your files aren’t modified by others who view them.

Function of Default PDF Reader

PDF files are easily shareable content that can be viewed and printed. The default PDF reader is the application that lets your device open a PDF file. That way, every time you choose to read a PDF, the device will not bother you with having to choose an application.

Changing Default PDF Reader in Phone

Typically, Android devices are simple to use and have a simple interface. When you open any PDF file for the first time, your device will ask you the app that you will want to use for this tool. Icons of all the applications on your device that are capable of reading PDFs will be displayed.

- You start by selecting an app depending on your PDF viewing needs. While choosing your tool, your device would give you the option of choosing Just once or Always. When you select the second option, the chosen app is set as the default PDF viewing application. That way, when you get to open a PDF file the next time, you will not be asked to make a selection.

- However, there may be a situation where you accidentally select the ‘Always’ option without meaning to. If you are unsure of the app that is opening your PDF files, we recommend that you check for the default settings of the recently downloaded apps.

- Another approach is where you close all other applications on your smartphone and open a PDF file. You can then click on the Recent apps key to identify the app that is opening all your PDF files. Knowing your default app is the first step to successfully changing it. The availability of better PDF reading apps may also cause you to reconsider your choice of the default PDF reader application.

- To change the default app, go to the Settings of your Android device and select the ‘Apps & Notifications’ tab. In some devices, the Apps & Notifications may be seen as Installed Apps or App Manager.

- Select the app that is opening the PDF files on your device. Then go to the ‘Open by Default’ option and choose ‘Clear Defaults.’ The next time you try to open a PDF file, you will be shown all the available options, and you can choose your preferred one before you tap on ‘Always.'

Why you should change your default PDF Reader to Kaagaz?

By now, you realize that changing the default PDF viewer on any smartphone is child’s play. Thus, by opting for a versatile tool such as Kaagaz, you will make the process of file viewing a more convenient experience.

- These days, PDFs are used for several purposes, and most people need a PDF reading application on their smartphones. However, not everyone is comfortable with the English language. The Kaagaz app lets you navigate your way around the tool in multiple languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Punjani, Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, and others. This makes Kaagaz an ideal choice for a vernacular audience.

- The Kaagaz App has an intuitive interface and does not require you to sign in. The ad-free tool offers unmatched simplicity, making it a preferred choice for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

- While viewing PDFs, you may need to go beyond the basics. For example, it may be convenient for you to merge PDF files on similar subjects into one file. You may also need to lock an important PDF before sharing or Unlock a PDF that was shared with you. With Kaagaz, you can complete all such tasks in no time without having to log on to your PC. The USP of the Kaagaz app is that it brings PC-level editing to one’s pocket.

- With an increase in the volume of digital data, the storage of PDF files is a major cause of concern for most smartphone users. Kaagaz gives you access to over 250 MB of cloud storage at no cost. You can also upload PDF documents to online drives like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. The tool has over five million active users and lets you compress PDF files for easy data storage and upload.

Closing Thoughts

While there is no dearth of options, it is always better to go for the best possible option. With the Kaagaz app, users can do so much more than PDF viewing. Merging PDF files, splitting a file, rearranging pages, converting images to PDF or vice versa are some of the other options. Considering the simplicity of altering the default PDF viewer, it is worth the effort to jump the bandwagon and set Kaagaz as the default app.

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