With the boom in social networking, different applications have become part and parcel of the modern lives of individuals. While bigger names in social media channels have marked a renaissance in the 21st century, no other application can go beyond WhatsApp.

There's no denying the importance of using Whatsapp for sharing PDF files with colleagues, close pals, and more! But did you know that you could also use Whatsapp Web to transfer your PDF file?

Even if you use the Kaagaz application, you can take full advantage of the social networking platform to transfer your PDF files. Let's highlight the effective ways in the given narration.

Steps to open a PDF on Whatsapp: How to open a PDF With Kaagaz and make it default?

After you share the PDF document with the recipient, it's time to open the file. And this is where Kaagaz's benefits come in.

Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the Kaagaz application on your smartphone, we will now proceed. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. - Go to your WhatsApp application and open the recipient's chat history who has sent you the PDF file. From there, download the PDF file by clicking on the arrow on the file.
  2. - After the PDF file gets downloaded, click on it.
  3. - After you click on the PDF file, you will see different options.
  4. - From the options, you need to select Kaagaz and open with it. There will also be options asking whether you want to use Kaagaz to open the PDF file just this once or always.
  5. - Wait for a couple of seconds for Kaagaz to open.
  6. - Now, you will be able to use the PDF reader and check the PDF file sent to you through WhatsApp.

You can make Kaagaz the default app to open with Whatsapp and view PDF files. For this reason, you need to click on 'Always' right when the 'open with' options appear on the screen. This will make Kaagaz the default app to use for reading and viewing PDF files.

How to remove any default PDF Reader and make Kaagaz default PDF Reader?

Steps to Send PDF Files on WhatsApp through Your Laptop or Mobile

[Now: Similarly, if you are sending a PDF file from your smartphone's WhatsApp access, you need to follow the steps mentioned below]

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