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In this article, we will explore what a PDF Scanner is, how it works, and what to consider when choosing they best PDF Scanner App for your needs.>

What is a PDF Scanner app?

A PDF Scanner app allows you to convert your physical documents to digital PDF or image files. With the advent of JIO Revolution, millions have people come to the digital world via a smart phone and hence a Scanner app is super helpful for them to create PDF or JPG files of physical documents.

How does a PDF Scanner work?

With a PDF Scanner app, you can take images of physical documents and enhance them with specific filters to make a great PDF copy. There are multiple modes of scanning in a PDF Scanner app, for example in Kaagaz App, you have the functionality to do HD Scan, ID Card Scan, import a PDF straightaway & so much more.

What to consider when choosing a PDF Scanner?

When choosing a PDF Scanner App, a few things one should look at -

  • 1. Ease of Use - How easy it is to scan documents & make a PDF? Does it take you to compulsorily sign up or takes more than a minute to scan 1 page of document - then it might not be a right fit for you!
  • 2. Auto Crop & Filters - Make sure the Scanner App has auto crop functionality so you save time while scanning more number of documents. Also, more the number of filters, better it is for you to get a great quality PDF output.
  • 3. Cloud Storage - If the scanner app offers some free cloud storage, you can backup your scanned documents and not worry about losing them if the app is deleted or the mobile is stolen.
  • 4. Size of the App - Since scanning is a not so frequent use case for individuals, it is better to have a small size scanner app - so that you do not have to block a lot of memory for this app.
  • 5. Extra tools & features - Since, scanning is a not so frequent use case, it is better if the app comes equipped with other features. For example, in addition to scanning, Kaagaz App has plethora of PDF Tools like compress, eSign, split, merge, etc.

Conclusion - Selecting the best PDF Scanner

A PDF scanner is a super valuable tool for individuals who have to digitize their physical documents & convert them to PDF. When choosing a PDF Scanner, keep in mind it’s ease of use, features and quality of scanning. With the right scanner app, you can quickly & efficiently convert your physical documents to amazing PDFs.

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