The mobile internet revolution in India by JIO gave 10s of millions of new mobile internet users. And then because of COVID, our habit to use mobile phones for every minuscule task has increased multi-fold.

As people started working & studying from home, the need to scan documents/notes at home increased. And here come the PDF Scanner Apps to save us all. PDF Scanner apps have made the task of scanning documents, creating a PDF & take action on a PDF super easy. There are 100s of apps on both Google Play Store & iOS App Store, here we will list the top 5 scanning apps -

1. Adobe Scan - PDF Scanner & OCR

Adobe Scan is one of the most popular apps globally and is available for both iOS & Android mobile phones. Adobe Scan offers a plethora of features but one feature that stands out is the auto edge detection & a great filter to enhance your PDF. With a premium upgrade, you unlock a plethora of features such as signing a document, compressing it, and much more. Adobe Scan is one of our top recommendations.

2. Kaagaz Scanner - Easy to Use PDF Scanner

Looking at the needs of the ‘new’ mobile internet users, Kaagaz Scanner was launched in 2020. The app is very user-friendly and boasts its super intuitive UI & no sign-in feature to scan a PDF. With 10 Mn+ downloads & 4.5* rating, Kaagaz has become a household name in India. The basic scanning & variety of tools remain free in Kaagaz App but the premium upgrade as well is super affordable starting at just Rs. 99 per year. Try Kaagaz today to get an easy-to-use app to create a PDF.

3. CamScanner - Document Scanner

CamScanner is definitely the best Scanner App in the market. But after the Chinese App ban in 2020 - it is not possible to download CamScanner in India.

4. Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Creator

Office Lens is a free app offered by Microsoft & is available for both iOS & Android devices. This app seamlessly integrates with all the Microsoft Office products but fails to offer as many features as other apps on this list. With Office Lens, you can easily convert your scanned documents to a PDF, Word, or PPT Format.

5. Genius Scan - PDF Maker

Genius Scan is another great scanning app that is available on both iOS & Android devices. Genius Scan offers great quality PDF Scanning & export but it has its own set of issues. Multiple features which you can find on other apps for free are chargeable on this app.

There are pros & cons with every scanning app but our recommendation would be the Kaagaz Scanner App for a seamless & easy to use experience. There are 100s of PDF Scanner apps in the market but you should pick one based on your needs & requirements. Happy Scanning!

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